Quillacollo Province


 Quillacollo Municipality

Behind the Lake of Cotacachi lie the archeological remains known as “Qollcas”, large silos used in the pre-Colombian period to store the harvests. Some think this may have been the largest granary of the Inca Empire. To the North is Liriuni, a bubbling thermal hotspring with strong medicinal properties thanks to its high concentration of minerals.


The Quillacollo government office is a historical colonial style building, one block away from the San Ildefonso Church (1908), which carries the original image of the Virgin of Urcupiña. The Festival of Urcupiña is one of the most important events in the region drawing over 100,000 worshippers. It begins on the 14th of August with folkloric dances and music and continues through the early morning of August 15th. The pilgrimage then proceeds to the Calvary on August 16th on the Cota hill, 2 km to the south of Quillacollo. According to the custom, the pilgrims climb the hill to gather pieces of stone which supposedly transform into riches for true believers. On August 24th, the fair of the alacitas (miniature crafts) begins in the main plaza.

Tunari National Park

The Tunari National Park borders the whole northern part of this province. This park, with more than 400,000 hectares and its numerous lakes provides most of the water to the whole metropolitan area. Mount Tunari is the highest nearby summit reaching about 5,200 meters and often climbed by Cochabambinos and tour groups.

Lake AngosturaLocated 17 Km. from the city, this picturesque tourist attraction features excellent views of the rural lakeside. Here you can go fishing, hunting, boating and dine on exquisite plates of fresh fish. 

Sipe Sipe Municipality

Sipe Sipe

The majority of visitors arrive at Sipe Sipe to visit the “Lord of the Miracles” every 14th of September and at the same time imbibe offerings of guarapo, a red or white fermented grape drink. In 1908, an earthquake destroyed the colonial church just moments after the departure of the faithful in a parade. The central tower of the church remains intact today as a symbol of Sipe Sipe.

Inka Rakay

At 33 km from the city of Cochabamba, Inka Rakay is a fascinating archeological site. It was built as an Inca stronghold constructed between 1460 and 1470. The sites boasts some 17 quadrangular and rectangular buildings, with some round silos. Inka Rakay is the most accessible Incan ruin to visit near Cochabamba. Traveling in groups is recommended, as violent robberies have occurred to those who travel alone or stay overnight at this site.

Tiquipaya Municipality


Tiquipaya is also known as the city of the flowers. It hosts many dairy farmers and is known as a well visited and productive zone with surprising climatic diversity due to valleys, high plains, and sub-tropical regions. It´s recommended to take walks through the gardens of the University of the Valley (Univalle). At a site called “los molinos” lies a beautiful 12 meter waterfall.
Tiquipaya´s most noteworthy foods are trout and Pampakku in various styles. One of the most important festivals is San Miguel Arcángel on the 23rd of October. San Isidro-Llank’acu has very important fairs on the 14th of May. Tiquipaya’s trout fair on 14th of September, and flower festival on the first week of October always draw throngs of guests to indulge in the town’s finest crafts.
The best places for adventure tourism are expeditions to the lakes of Escalerani and Lake Mayu which both provide water to Cochabamba. Chapicirca is a rich potato producing region, and hundreds of llamas and alpacas roam in Pampa Tiquiri. Huari Pucara (in Quechua: a fortress in the high plains) sports many gorgeous lakes.

Festivals & Fairs*

- 2ª semana de Febrero, Feria de “Jakalawa” y el Choclo en Colcapirhua
- 19 de Marzo, de San José en Quillacollo, 2 días
- 3ª semana de Marzo, Feria de la Miniatura en Colcapirhua, 1 día
- 19 de Marzo, Fiesta de San José en Vinto - Quillacollo
- 2ª semana de Abril, Feria de la Manzana en Vinto, 1 día
- 4ª semana de Abril, Feria de la Vid y Guarapo en Sipe Sipe, 1 día
- 1ª semana de Mayo, Feria de la Chicha en Tiquipaya, 1 día
- 2ª semana de Mayo, Feria del Lechón en Quillacollo, 1 día
- 15 De Mayo, Festividad de San Isidro en Tiquipaya, 3 días
- 1ª semana de Junio, Feria de la Papa en Quillacollo, 1 día
- 1ª semana Junio, Feria de Pampaku en Tiquipaya, 1 día
- 1ª semana de Junio, Feria de la Papa en El Paso, 1 día
- 2ª semana de Julio, Feria de Rosquete en Sipe Sipe
- 16 de Julio, Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen en Vinto
- 25 de Julio, Santiago el Apóstol en El Paso - Tiquipaya, 2 días
- 25 de Julio, Santiago el Apóstol en Sipe Sipe, 2 días
- 1ª semana de Agosto, Feria del Pescado en Quillacollo, 1 día
- 14 - 16 de Agosto, Virgen de Urkupiña en Quillacollo, 3 días
- 12 de Septiembre, Feria de la Comida Quillacolleña en Quillacollo, 1 día
- 14 de Septiembre, Señor de Exaltación en Sipe Sipe, 1 días
- 2ª semana de Septiembre, Feria de la Artesanía en Tiquipaya, 1 día
- 3ª semana de Septiembre, Feria de Habas Pejtu en Colcapirhua, 1 día
- 1ª semana de Octubre, Feria de la Trucha en Tiquipaya, 1 día
- 1ª semana de Octubre, Feria de las Flores en Tiquipaya, 1 día
- 8 - 10 de Octubre, Festividad Virgen del Rosario en Vinto, 3 días
- 16 - 17 de Octubre, Festividad de San Lorenzo en Colcapirhua, 3 días
- 20 de Octubre, Festividad de San Miguel en Tiquipaya, 3 días
- Último Domingo de Mes, Feria Artesanal en Tiquipaya, 1 día
- Ultimo Viernes de Mes, Señor de los Milagros en Sipe Sipe, todos los meses, 1 día

* For further information and the exact dates of festivals and fairs in the Departamento of Cochabamba, please contact the Central Tourist Office of Cochabamba, Calle Colombia E-0340 between 25 de Mayo and España, Cochabamba, Phone: +591-4-4221793, Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08:30-12:00
* Information of the Central Tourist Office of Cochabamba

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Villa Albina en Vinto cerca Quillacollo

Laguna Huara Huara en el Parque Tunari

Pico Tunari en el Paque Tunari

Laguna la Angostura

Ruinas incaicas de Inca Rakay

Aguas Termales de Liriuni