Quipus Cultural Foundation

The Quipus Cultural Foundation (QCF) is a non-profit organization established in 1985 by a group of prominent Bolivians. It is a multifaceted organization concerned with the promotion and preservation of the cultural and artistic expressions of Bolivia's diverse ethnic groups, as well as encouraging economic empowerment for all Bolivians through museum creation, environmental conservation and education, socially responsible business consulting, and ecotourism. Over the past twenty years and more, the organization has built museums throughout Bolivia, spearheaded various development programs, and acted as a catalyst to many other programs. Currently Quipus is focusing its efforts on a brand new museum complex on Lake Titicaca, a continent wide program to educate and implement environmentally friendly disposal, reuse or recycling of electronic waste, as well as multiple clean energy projects around Bolivia, from biomass electricity, to ethanol and biodiesel projects, among others.

Calle Jáuregui N° 2248, La Paz, Bolivia


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