The Valley of the Moon`s Children Center

The Centre values the local Aymaran culture and traditions, welcoming families whose first language might not be Spanish and employing women who wear a range of clothes, from westernised jeans to traditional Aymaran clothing such as the “pollera” (traditional skirt) which too often is not allowed in the Bolivian work place. We also take in children with special needs such as those with down syndrome, hearing impairments, behavioural problems and physical difficulties. These children are often rejected from childcare centres in Bolivia.

What we do

We provide high quality, low cost friendly preschool educational and health services for poor and vulnerable children, aged 6 months to 4 years, in Mallasa and the surrounding villages.
We work with local families to promote the well being and rights of children in the home and in the wider community – for example facilitating workshops on good parenting and non-violence.
We give skills training to mums and families to help them get jobs and increase their family incomes giving them the opportunity to escape poverty.

Mallasa, La Paz, Bolivia


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