Centro Educativo Ñanta

As a tourist you will probably have seen the children that are working as shoe cleaners, car cleaners, selling chewing gums or newspapers in the centre of the city. Those children are migrants from the countryside and do not have easy lifes as they usually work day and night to gain some money for their family. Those kids have the possibility to go to the Ñanta centre where they recieve food, education, medication and find friends to play. Cultural and sportive events are being organized so that the children can be children and not only workers. Furthermore there is a social worker who helps the kids with psychological problems and family conflicts.

The centre has the vision to improve the live of the NATS:

- To give them a childhood apart from their daily responsibilities in an educational, recreative and stable atmosphere
- Support their prior necessaries and take care of their health and hygiene
- To raise their selfßconfidence and creativity and the revitalisation of their indigenous culture and identity
- To give them remedies so that they can improve their own live, incourage and motivate them to continue with their education to be able to find other work
- Encourage their sense of camaraderie, solidarity and fraternity

The centre employs Bolivian educators as well as local and foreign volunteers. They can do all this work thanks to the support from Europe, people that take part in the SoliNATs network. They look for mentors and donations that come from NGOs or from private people. The annual budget is around 50,000 USD.

The centre doesn´t have suficient ressources to employ professionals, besides their history is linked to volunteers, Bolivian as well as foreigners. They are the living strength of the project and give all their energy and work in the interest of the children.

So there are always people needed for sportive and creative activities with the children, such as painting, making masks, going with the children to the dentist and a lot more.

If you´re interested the centre can help you to find a host family as well as you can take Spanish lessons in the Fenix language school that supports the centre with their income.

To get in direct touch visit Cafe Amsterdam in Sucre (see profile in the Bars & Restaurant section of Bolivia-Online) and ask for Linda or call: 728 81 432

Calle Ballivian 53, Sucre, Bolivia
728 81 432


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