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Mission, Vision, and Objectives

The idea to create a virtual travel guide and information portal, Bolivia-Online stands for today, was the lack of information of the beauty of our country, especially information on touristy sights, infrastructure and places of high potential for a sustainable tourism development in Bolivia. Our vision is to be the easiest accessible and most comprehensive and reliable provider of information about the touristy infrastructure in Bolivia. Our objective is to gather images and touristy information of the beauty of Bolivia and make it public to the world.


Bastian Müller, born 1980 in Dresden, Germany

I am living for my dreams and visions and thats why I canceled university in Germany and emigrated to Bolivia. After founding a Bolivian non-profit organisation Fundación Delpia, and working with the native habitants of the tropical lowlands of Bolivia, I started to develop the virtual travel guide "Bolivia-Online". Later I set up LandmarkBolivia, a German run tour agency and travel consultant, organizing and operating tours in Bolivia. I am also working as a tour guide, as a travel writer for travel handbooks about Bolivia, and together with wife we realized a dream - having our own little mountain lodge in the mountains above Cochabamba - our Berghotel Carolina.

Carolina Corro, born 1983 in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Early I recognized that travelling the world and getting to know other people and cultures is one of the few things which makes me really happy. But when I was travelling Europe and Asia, I also started to miss and learnd to appreciate the real beauty and nativeness of my home country Bolivia. I am proud to be Bolivian and to have the opportunity to promote my country together with my husband on this website of "Bolivia-Online".

Marcus Henningsen, born in Munich, Germany, and grown up in Højmark, Denmark

Travelling and working in different countries have been my life for 5 years, of which one was spent in Cochabamba, Bolivia working with a local NGO. Web design has been my hobby for several years, so when I first heard about the project of "Bolivia-Online" I was immediately interested and offered to take care of the technical part. Back in Denmark I run a small web development company.

  • My wife & me on the Mamore River near Trinidad.
  • Me on the Mamore River near Trinidad.
  • My beautiful wife, Carolina, in Sucre.
  • Eating water melon at the market in Sucre.
  • My beautiful wife, Carolina, in Sucre.
  • My wife and me, reaching Chochis, Santa Cruz.
  • On a table mountain above Santiago de Chiquitos, Santa Cruz.
  • My beautiful wife, Carolina.
  • My wife, in the Bolivian Pantanal.
  • Me at the Pico Tunari above Cochabamba.
  • My wife at the Pico Tunari, above Cochabamba.
  • My wife and me, visiting the Tapacari province, Cochabamba.
  • My wife, at the sand dunes of Las Lomas de Arenas, Santa Cruz.


Berghotel Carolina

Mountain Lodge at the foot of Cerro Tunari (5035m) - Cochabamba

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