Sadiri Lodge, Madidi National Park, Bolivia

The Madidi National Park, located in the heart of the Vilcabamba-Amboró corridor covers 1.895.750 hectares. This is one of the regions with greatest biological diversity of the planet, and it includes protected areas both in Peru and in Bolivia, and serves as the link between two of the best-known regions in South America: the Andes mountains and the Amazonian region, which are habitats for unique fauna and flora.
The Madidi shelters ethnic groups such as Tacanas, Chimanes, Mosetenes and Esse Ejas descendants of the first Arawak incursions over 5.000 years ago; these are the host communities that preserve their life-styles, cosmovision and traditions that communities give them an interpretation of the forest with a well-prepared mix of scientific knowledge and ancestral wisdom.


Are you looking for the diversity of the rainforest in a cooler environment of the cloud forest? Located in the mild Sadiri mountains surrounded by lowland tropical forest, Sadiri Lodge is in the Andean megadiverse rainforest, but raised above excessive heat and humidity (and insects) of the lowland tropical forest. A place where you can experience a pristine and healthy environment including 400 tropical bird species and all the infinite small creatures that you could ever imagine. You can enjoy spectacular views, see an amazing array of colors displayed in local and migrant bird species, listen to the rain then rest in the private cabins in comfortable beds, equipped with private bathrooms, enjoy a relaxing hot shower heated by gas yet still surrounded by wilderness. At meal time, taste local flavors and healthy ingredients with international touches prepared by kind and local indigenous people who will make you feel altogether special during your stay. Everyday you will be hosted by the best in local hospitality and guided by indigenous experts in the forest. But don’t let us just tell you, come and experience it for yourself! Our goal is simple: To protect an area of 34,000 ha that is threatened by the pressures of the logging industry. With your visit you can contribute to this environmental alternative for ingenious people of the indigenous community, San Jose de Uchupiamonas.

For information about tours to the Madidi National Park and to Sadiri Lodge, please click here.

Tumupasa, Madidi NP., Bolivia
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