Buena Vista

Located 100 km. from Santa Cruz, Buena Vista is the capital of the Ichilo province and was founded on November 26th, 1694 by the Jesuits as the Jesuit Mission of Santos Desposorios de José y María. Buena Vista is considered a strategically located tourism center because of the numerous services it offers to foreign and domestic travelers. Buena Vista is a primary point of entry for the Amboró National Park which is considered one of the world’s most important Amazonian cloud forest reserves.


The town has an agreeable colonial environment as one can appreciate in the streets around the central plaza and at the Santos Desposorios church. Nearby local artists make creations out natural fibers and a tree bark called Jipi Japa.

On the outskirts of Buena Vista in the Amboró National Park the jungle camps, as for example the Macuñucú and La Chonta, offer accommodation (see accommodation section). In their surroundings you find large clear waterfalls, natural swimming holes, and long hiking trails where visitors can glimpse rare and endangered flora and fauna.

Travelers can spend time marveling at the Curichi Cuajo for bird watching or taking a spin in a boat on Madrejones lagoon.

Buena Vista`s main products are coffee, chocolate and milk. Buena Vista even has ranches where guests and backpackers can stay over and enjoy some agro tourism and local hospitality.

Touristy Infrastructure

In town there are numerous tourism companies that lead treks and excursions. The town bustles with numerous artisans and provides numerous accommodation options as well as basic services as telephone offices, internet, daily transportation to Santa Cruz and other points.

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