Cajones de Ichilo, Community Tourism, Amboro N.P., Bolivia

This community tourism project is a great choice if you are looking for a rewarding and educational experience as well as adventure. Rustic cabins and a fully equipped camping ground are set in a clearing near the Ichilo River, in the heart of the protected region of Amboro National Park.

Run by the families of the community Ichilo Colorado, the project has been set up with the admirable aim of ensuring the conservation of the forest and protecting the endangered native turkey hen, Copete de Piedra. In addition, funds raised from the project allow the community to depend less and less on agriculture.

Both the cabins and camping ground have communal bathrooms and there is camping equipment for hire.

Your stay also includes the services of local guides who have an in-depth knowledge of the forest and its native flora and fauna. They will take you on hikes along eco trails through pristine rainforest where you will come across rugged cliff faces, natural canyons, waterfalls, natural pools, rivers and mountain streams. The area is rich in floral variety and in particular there is an abundance of rare orchids and bromelias. You will be taught about these along with being instructed on the use of medicinal plants found in the area. The animal diversity is equally impressive, although not always easy to observe. The expert guides will teach you how to look for and identify the different animal calls and tracks you will encounter along the way.

In particular, the forest is the sanctuary of the Turkey hen Copete de Piedra (Turkey hen Pauxi Unicornis), one of Bolivia´s threatened species of birds that is considered in danger of extinction by the UICN / Bird Life International. The main threat to the bird is hunting, followed by the indiscriminate deforestation and logging inside its natural habitat. The Turkey hen Copete de Piedra is most famous bird of the Amboró and features on the emblem of the APA.


Cabins sleeping up to 8 people, forest views, camping ground, camping equipment hire, shared bathrooms, full board, potable water system, eco trails, hikes with local guides, observation of native flora and fauna, lessons on how to identify wild animal tracks and medicinal plants, bathing in the Ichilo River.


The Ichilo Colorado community is located in the Municipality of Yapacani, Ichilo Province, 174 km to the north-west of Santa Cruz. The highway is asphalted 154km until the township of San Germain, then it is an unpaved road for the remaining 20km. There are different means from transport to arrive at the site which you will be advised on when you make a reservation.

Amboró National Park, Buena Vista, Bolivia
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