Panchita Hostal, Sorata, Bolivia

Approximately 148 km from La Paz at an altitude of 2.711 meters above sea level lies the head of the Sorata valley. Sorata has a distinctly pre-Hispanic flavor with its irregularly sloping fields, but also hosts many fine colonial constructions. Many writers consider it an earthly paradise due to its diversity of diferent landscapes within the region. Sorata´s diverse geographical surroundings make it an ideal base for treks and mountain bike excursions both up to the towering peaks and down into the cloud forest. Local attractions include the Gruta de San Pedro, a cave with a large subterranean pool at the bottom, the Camino del Oro and others. Sorata is most famous for being a base camp for hikes into the towering snow covered peaks of Illampu and Acohuma that loom above this balmy village.

For information about tours to Sorata and to the Panchita Hostel, please click here.

Plaza Principal Enrique Peñaranda, Sorata, Bolivia
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