Bird Watching: Blue-throated Macaw (3 days, from Trinidad)

The fact of belonging to the great continental Amazon gives the Beni department of Bolivia a great biodiversity and an enviable natural landscape where the largest amount of flora and fauna in the country is housed, many of them only exist in this region.
The Paraba Barba Azul (Ara glaucogularis), is an endemic species of Bolivia that is found in the Llanos de Moxos and is in danger of extinction.
Barba Azul Nature Reserve is the only private reserve protecting the Beni savanna ecosystem, home to the endemic, Critically Endangered Blue-throated Macaw.
With a total population of fewer than 450 individuals, this macaw depends on the raised forest islands dotting the seasonally-flooded savanna for its survival. Blue-throated Macaws are most abundant on the Reserve from March to October, as they migrate away during their breeding season. Among the many other species that benefit from Asociación Armonía’s conservation efforts such as fire protection and reforestation are Maned Wolves, Giant Anteaters, and large felines. Over 300 bird species can be observed throughout the year. The Reserve’s incredible biodiversity is a result of its 11,000 ha. encompassing a wide variety of habitats like savanna, cerrado, gallery forest, palm forest island, marsh, and river habitats. Nature observation throughout this varied terrain is possible on horseback, by boat, or along an extensive system of hiking trails.


The Barba Azul lodge offers tourists amazing wildlife viewing in the Beni savanna, with proceeds contributing to the sustainability of Armonía’s Blue-throated Macaw
conservation program. Best reached by air due to seasonal flooding, the Lodge consists of four rustic cabins housing 8 people, with capacity for an additional 8 people in the Biological Research Station. Accommodations overlook the stunning Omi River, and morning wake-up calls are common from Black Howler Monkeys and other wildlife. Meals are served on flexible schedules to accommodate hiking and wildlife observation, and hammocks provide relaxation after full days. Afternoons are the perfect time to observe Blue-throated Macaws as they approach their roosting sites, often in mixed flocks that, together with large Blue-and-yellow Macaws, number hundreds of individuals. This off-the-beaten track Lodge is one-of-akind in Bolivia!


Birdwatching: Barba Azul is home to 319 confirmed bird species of which many can easily be spotted and photographed. Early morning birding is advised as forest, savanna and cerrado birds are mainly active in the morning. Water and marsh birds can be observed throughout the day.
Boat trips: Water and marsh wildlife is best observed from the water. Barba Azul Nature Reserve has a 5-person boat with a silent outboard motor to enjoy the amazing wildlife from the water.
Horseback riding: The extensive savanna and cerrado habitat can also be explored on horseback. Five beautiful and tame horses will ensure an amazing Beni outdoor experience.
Walking Trails: The local Barba Azul ranger (Spanish speaking only) will assist you to reach the most beautiful locations of the reserve to ensure the full wildlife experience that Barba Azul has to offer. Professional English-speaking bird guides have to be arranged separately.


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