Trekking: Cerro Tunari "Condor"-Trekking (2 days, from Cochabamba)

The Tunari National Park is one of the main attractions of the city and the Cochabamba department. The park limits the main valley as well as the city of Cochabamba and its suburbs - Quillacollo and Sacaba - to the north, and extends over 300,000 hectares in the Cordillera Tunari mountain range. The countless natural and artificially dammed mountain lakes provide the vital water for the entire urban area. Due to its proximity to the city of Cochabamba, the park has great potential for the development of ecotourism activities, nature and recreation, but also for mountain sports, wildlife and bird watching. The comfortably equipped mountain lodge Berghotel Carolina nestled on the slopes of the park in a large protected private forest, offers a perfect starting point for discovering the still undeveloped natural area of the Cordillera Tunari with its fascinating mountain and high mountain landscape, as well as its flora and fauna.
The 2-day Cerro Tunari "Condor" trekking is one of the most interesting, diverse and least frequented treks in the country. From the city of Cochabamba, the starting point of the trek in the municipalities of Pairumani or Combuyo is quite easy to reach in less than an hour. On this trek you get a maximum guarantee to see the Andean condor - the "king" and symbol of the Andes - and you climb the majestic Tunari summit, which towers imposingly over the city and the valley of Cochabamba. At 5023 meters above sea level, it is one of the highest peaks in central Bolivia.
The trekking is characterized by the impressive view of the valley of Cochabamba and a majestic alpine mountain landscape with rugged peaks, crystal-clear mountain lakes, and pastures for the llamas and alpacas living here. From the summit of Cerro Tunari (5,023 m) there are spectacular views over the Tunari Cordillera, the entire valley of Cochabamba, and distant views to the glaciated peaks of the Cordillera Quimsa Cruz and the Cordillera Real to the East.


First Day: Start of the 2-day Cerro Tunari „Condor“-Trekking

After driving to the starting point, begin the 2-day trek to climb the mighty Cerro Tunari. Starting at an altitude of approx. 2900 m, the goal of the first day is a beautifully situated mountain lake at 4100 m. A varied hike lets you ascend the slopes of the Cochabamba valley with a permanent panoramic view of the city and surroundings. First you walk through forests, crossing streams, past fields cultivated by mountain farmers, until a steep mountain ridge leads you to your goal of the day, the mountain lake Laguna Cajon. Here you will meet your first llamas grazing in a spectacular rugged high mountain landscape. This is also the home of the Andean Condor, which nests on the steep rocky outcrops. You set up your tents next to a small stream above the lake. Here, the huge cliffs of the Tunari massif rise almost 500m into the sky and small springs flow out from their base. Overnight in the tent (walking time approx. 7 hours, 1300 m, sleeping height 4100 m). (- /BL/D)

Second Day: Cerro Tunari „Condor“-Trekking & Ascent of Cerro Tunari (5023m)

The first morning sun bathes the surrounding rock flanks beautifully in a warm shade of red. You pack the tents, charge your energy for the day with a hot coffee and a hearty breakfast and start your ascent on a clearly visible path. Lama paths lead you, in part over gravel fields, through a narrow passage in the rocks. After a steep 500 meters of altitude you are already on the crest of the Tunari massif, where you will find a completely different mountain panorama than on the first day, with fascinating views of the mountain formations and peaks of the Cordillera Tunari that extend to the northwest. Along this mountain ridge, which descends southwards over a steep wall about 500 meters deep into the valley of the Pairumani River, a llama path initially leads gently and steadily uphill over steep gravel fields. Later, we use our hands a bit to help us climb a steep ridge to the summit of the 5023 meter high Cerro Tunari, one of the highest mountains in central Bolivia. From up here you have a fascinating panoramic view. On clear days you might see the glaciers of the Cordillera Quimsa Cruz and the easternmost 6000s of the Cordillera Real near La Paz. After a good rest on the summit, you descend to 4,500m, where the idyllic Laguna Macho lies at the foot of the Tunari summit. This is where the trekking ends and the vehicle is waiting for you to return. The way back is via a partially paved serpentine road down into the Cochabamba valley and back to the hotel. (Walking time about 6h, 1000m ↑, 500m ↓). (B/BL/-) - END OF OUR SERVICES


Good physical fitness

Included in the package:

- English-speaking trekking guide (from/to Cochabamba)
- Private transport
- 1x overnight in a tent (single tents available at extra charge)
- Porter for food and camp equipment during the trek
- You have to carry your personal belongings and clothes!
- Meals according to program (B= breakfast; L= lunch; D= Dinner)


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