Parador Viña de Pereira Hotel, Villa Abecia, Bolivia


The Parador Viña de Pereira Hotel has an inviting and beautiful infrastructure. The cheerful character of the hotel and the charm of its rooms create a special and exclusive feeling. The rooms are equipped and decorated to make you feel at home and let your mind wander. They offer a wonderful view of the Rio Chico, the red rock massifs, and the region's vineyards. The hotel is located five minutes from the main square of Villa Abecia, on the outskirts, where it is possible to enjoy the landscape and its special flavors for an unforgettable stay in Villa Abecia and the Parador Viña de Pereira.

Location: Villa Abecia is located on the trunk road between Potosí and Tarija, 121 km from Tarija and 197 km from Potosí, and 393 km from the city of Sucre. The Parador Viña de Pereira is located 5 minutes from the city's main square, in San Roquito, on the riverside.

Rooms: The Parador Viña de Pereira Hotel has 13 rooms. The facilities are cozy and offer the greatest possible comfort and tranquility. Each room type offers special functions and details for your comfort, all of which are geared towards wellbeing.

Service: At the Hotel Parador Viña de Pereira we strive to do everything possible to meet our guests' needs.

Sights of the region

The Cinti Valley is one of the most important regions for wine and Singani production in Bolivia. The potential to be found here for profitable fruit growing and agriculture is based on the prevailing favorable climate in the valley and the fertile soils. Wine and Singanis have been made from grapes in the Cinti Valley for more than four and a half centuries, thanks to the introduction of viticulture to the region in the early colonial days.
In the past, the cultivation of fruits and vegetables (different types of grapes, peaches, apples, figs, plums, quinces, pears, apricots, strawberries and the entire range of vegetables) was the most important activity, as was the production of wines and singanis. For several years now, attempts have been made to diversify the economic focus of the region, and also to focus on complementary activities such as tourism, as the region is also rich in evidence from the colonial era, as well as from the time of the republic, as well as attractions from pre-Columbian times to prehistoric times with abundant fossil remains, dinosaur tracks and rock paintings.

For information about tours along "The Route of Highland Wines" to Valle de Cinti (Camargo & Villa Abecia) and Tarija, please visit ourtours section.

Viña San Roque, Villa Abecia, Bolivia
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