Programa de asistencia agrobioenergética al campesino

PAAC is a non-profit private institution of sustainable development. Through technical assistance, social assistance, and integrated actions that promote the participation of all members of society, PAAC strives to mitigate poverty and environmental degradation, and achieve positive sustainable development in its sphere of influence.

PAAC works in urban as well as rural populations with grassroots organizations, schools, municipal and departmental authorities, and local institutions to protect the natural environment, inform and empower the population, and promote sustainable development in Bolivia.

A variety of activities are planned for the different projects executed by PAAC.

Besides other education programs, PAAC facilitates the Campaña por la Calidad de Vida (Campaign for Quality of Life) in the Cochabamba department, with priority in the surrounding municipality. This campaign includes the creation and distribution of materials to teach individuals how to protect the natural environment from contamination from trash and other threats, and education to diminish the pollution of the air, water, and land.

Calle Daniel Albornoz N 1810 (entre America Oeste y Alcides Arguedas), Cochabamba, Bolivia


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